5 Tips for Choosing a Digital Time Card Solution

May 04, 2020

Employees are the core of your business and payroll is one of your most significant expenses. If you are still using manual punch cards or paper timesheets to track time and attendance, it might be time to upgrade. Even if you have already converted to electronic timesheets, you may have found that the program you’re using isn’t a good match for your employees or managers. Before you choose another solution, use these tips to help you pick the right timesheet system.

1) Find A Program That Is User Friendly for Employees
If you are switching from a manual time punch system, you want your employees to like your new time card program, but you also want to make sure it is easy to navigate. Your employees may not have a lot of experience with technology, so choosing an easy-to-use solution will make adoption much smoother. The time card application you select should have a simple way for employees to enter start and stop times and record meal breaks throughout the day.

2) Make Sure It’s Easy for Managers Too
For your managers or supervisors, you should ensure that your time card solution has a quick way to review and approve employee time cards. Like your employees, if the system is not user-friendly for managers, it may not be fully adopted or used correctly.

3) Look For a Mobile Solution
If you are going to convert to digital timesheets, the solution you choose should be accessible from any location and on multiple devices. Because internet connectivity at the job site can be inconsistent, your timesheet solution needs to be a native mobile application. A mobile app will allow your staff to enter time even without internet access, then sync the information when an internet connection is available.

4) Location Alerts
All smartphones have GPS, and some digital time card solutions can record the location when employees punch-in or punch-out. Look for a solution that will alert managers if a time punch occurs more than a specified away from a job site.

5) Try Before You Buy
In addition to these five tips, your company might have specific requirements or concerns. Make sure to choose a solution that will offer a trial so that you can evaluate how effective the time card application will be in your organization.

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