CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System): FAQ

May 13, 2022

What is a CMMS system?

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is software that maintains a database about an organization's maintenance operations and often provides advanced features to help manage that data.

How does CMMS work?

CMMS databases support various functions, enabling features like preventative maintenance scheduling, work order management, labor management, inventory management, analysis, reporting, auditing and more. Learn more at

Can CMMS streamline my fleet’s maintenance?

CMMS is intended to help maintenance workers and managers do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. CMMS are essential because they make it easier for maintenance managers and departments to create reliable uptime.

Does CMMS require training?

CMMS should have intuitive, easy-to-use interface systems that require little to no training to implement and maintain. If you’re finding a CMMS too complicated, contact [email protected] to see if Clue’s all-in-one maintenance is right for you.

Can I digitize my previous hard-copy maintenance reports?

This feature is important to make sure the CMMS in question can maintain maintenance history that is detailed enough to tell what’s happening, even years later. As a CMMS provider, Clue offers customers help when digitizing their previous records.

Can I create work orders?

Work order creation is a key feature of CMMS systems. If a CMMS doesn't offer this feature, it’s likely not suited for fleet management. Check Clue's one-click work order creation process.

How fast is CMMS at creating work orders?

Good CMMS allows crews to create work orders in seconds. Clue’s integrated maintenance can create work orders with the push of a button.

How many assets can CMMS handle?

Clue’s CMMS can handle X number of assets per project. Remember, you should be looking for a CMMS that can handle 3 to 4 times the amount of assets you currently have to make sure your system can expand with you.

Is CMMS compatible with mobile devices?

While not all CMMS have mobile compatibility, Clue’s CMMS is integrated in its mobile app and is designed to be efficient and easy to use. A well designed mobile application is important and allows for extremely large time efficiency gains.

Does CMMS make maintenance faster?

CMMS automates the maintenance process and gives the time that would be spent on work order creation, scheduling, follow ups, reports, etc., back to managers and crews.

How does CMMS help me manage my fleet?

It also helps management plan, schedule, and report on work being done. It lets supervisors create forecasts and report on completions, compliance, audits, or other maintenance KPIs. Learn all the ways CMMS helps at

Can I integrate my CMMS with ERP systems?

You can integrate your CMMS with ERP systems such as Viewpoint, Oracle, or SAP. Check how Clue integrates with the ERP systems.

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