Geofence for fleet management: FAQ

April 28, 2022

What is a geofence?

A geofence is a virtual boundary in which an asset is detected if and when the boundary is crossed. Find out more at Clue.

What does a geofence help me do?

Utilizing GPS and/or other sensors, a geofence is typically used to define jobsites, danger zones, restricted areas, or any other space the user wants observed. On top of making the jobsite safer, geofencing allows you to track when assets leave a designated area, reducing the chance of theft or use of equipment outside its designated zone.

How easy is geofencing to use?

Clue’s geofencing was made with ease-of-use in mind. With just a few clicks on a mobile or web device, you can have a geofence set up with custom alerts in seconds.

When is it appropriate to use a geofence?

Anywhere you want to receive alerts for a person, vehicle, or other asset entering or exiting a particular area. Clue's geofencing alarms you with all abnormal utilizations.

Can I customize the alerts for my geofences?

Clue allows you full control of your geofences, allowing you to customize and tailor your alerts to meet your needs.

Can I connect my geofence to my time clock system?

Yes. Clue allows you to set time clock events - punch in, punch out, for when a person enters and exits a geofenced area. This will allow you to completely automate your timesheet system and return the time managers spend on payroll related tasks.

How precise are your geofences?

Clue’s geofences are accurate within 10 meters.

What’s the largest and smallest area I can geofence?

The smallest geofence you can create with Clue is 20 by 20 meters. The largest is unlimited.

Do my employees need Clue on a device for it to trigger a geofence alert?

Not necessarily. If other external devices are connected into Clue that monitor a boundary, such as cameras or other movement sensors, Clue can alert you when those sensors detect entrance and exit of a particular zone.

Can I have multiple projects with their own geofences?

Yes. Clue allows you to have multiple projects open at a time, all with their own geofence.

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