Fleet Management Software (FMS): FAQ

April 29, 2022

What is fleet management software (FMS)?Fleet management software (FMS) is computer and application software that enables people to accomplish a series of tasks to help manage any or all aspects related to a fleet.

What can Fleet Management Software (FMS) track?

FMS can and should allow its users to track all aspects of construction operations, allowing management to oversee 100% of their project’s assets: vehicles, tools, crews and more.

What are the benefits of Fleet Management Software?

While each FMS is different, benefits often include: Eliminating manual data entry, real-time productivity tracking, built-in maintenance, reduced cost and much more. Visit getclue.com for more info on the benefits of FMS.

How does Fleet Management Software (FMS) work?

FMS takes in data from connected assets’ telematics, GPS, maintenance, fault alert systems, etc., filters that information, and provides a user interface where management can visualize and gain insight into the workings of their fleet.

Does Fleet Management Software (FMS) have artificial intelligence (AI)?

This is dependent on the software in question, but some FMSs have built in AI to help analyze, provide insight, and guide users towards more productive and efficient outcomes.

Can I manage a fleet remotely?

FMS provides a platform to view every aspect remotely, even if the assets are distributed across the country.

Is Fleet Management Software (FMS) easy to use?

Yes and no. This depends on the FMS provider and how much care they’ve taken with the design and training requirements of their product. Clue’s FMS has easy onboarding and dedicated customer support for any issues or questions.

How much does Fleet Management Software (FMS) cost?

Due to the unique nature of each company and their specific needs, FMS pricing requires those seeking it to reach out to FMS providers for evaluation.

How do I compare fleet management software?

When evaluating the best FMS for your company, consider the following:

  • What’s the total cost? Consider the purchase price, recurring fees, licensing, etc.
  • What is non-negotiable? The features you need for your business.
  • Is it easy to use? Implementation should be simply with responsive customer support.

How do I get Fleet Management Software (FMS)?

You will often be guided to schedule a demo, contact customer services, or call a support representative to assist you with pricing for your fleet.

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