Real-time productivity tracking: FAQ

May 27, 2022

What is real-time productivity tracking?

This is a tracking method making use of existing GPS, telematics, and algorithmic systems to monitor all production KPIs -  production volume, tonnage, operating time, load counts, cycle time, swing time, CO2 emissions, speed, distance travelled, and more. Everything is automated without manual interventions, without costly devices.

What exactly is meant by “real-time”?

Real-time means that the information from a user’s perspective is virtually instantaneous - not in a rear-view mirror situation but in minute-by-minute.

What makes real-time productivity tracking more effective?

Its superior speed gives supervisors and managers the time and information they need to get out ahead of problems and consistently meet their goals. Visit Clue and see how much more productive real-time makes your business.

Why should I be using productivity tracking software?

Productivity tracking software enables managers to identify where lag or bottlenecks exist and design ways to improve their workflow for maximum efficiency.

Does using real-time productivity tracking software reduce my management load?

Construction projects are complex and integrating everything reduces all the pieces that need to be tracked into a single source of truth. See how Clue puts all those pieces into the palm of your hand today.

What does real-time productivity tracking require me to do?

Get internal buy-in from owners and schedule demos from relevant solutions providers like Clue and find what works for your company.

How can I implement real-time tracking?

Training is important and crews need to be familiar with a system to use it effectively. The more intuitive the system, the easier it will be to implement. Clue helps its users integrate and ensures continued mastery with a dedicated success manager for life.

How much training is required to implement real-time tracking effectively?

Clue is dedicated to making any and all training and integration as zero-impact as possible. This means having developed an app and website that is intuitive enough that within seconds users understand how to use it to their benefit.

Does real-time productivity tracking apply to my maintenance systems?

Yes. Clue offers an all-in-one platform that includes an integrated maintenance system. Visit to see how integrated maintenance can improve your bottom line.

What assets am I applying productivity tracking to?

What is tracked is managed and Clue is dedicated to tracking 100% of your fleet - any type, model, year.

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